class pyArango.query.Query(request, database, rawResults)[source]

This class is abstract and should not be instanciated. All query classes derive from it

If rawResults = True, the results will be returned as dictionaries instead of Document objects.


kills the cursor


become the next batch. raises a StopIteration if there is None

class pyArango.query.AQLQuery(database, query, batchSize, bindVars, options, count, fullCount, rawResults=True, json_encoder=None, **moreArgs)[source]

AQL queries are attached to and instanciated by a database

explain(bindVars=None, allPlans=False)[source]

Returns an explanation of the query. Setting allPlans to True will result in ArangoDB returning all possible plans. False returns only the optimal plan

class pyArango.query.SimpleQuery(collection, queryType, rawResults, json_encoder=None, **queryArgs)[source]

Simple queries are attached to and instanciated by a collection

class pyArango.query.Cursor(database, cursorId, rawResults)[source]

Cursor queries are attached to and instanciated by a database, use them to continue from where you left

class pyArango.query.RawCursor(database, cursorId)[source]

a raw interface to cursors that returns json